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How to apologize after a fight

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry” is one of the most insidious aphorisms ever to come from a cheesy romantic movie. If anything, love—especially the kind that includes living with someone—gives you...


6 Hidden Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

The main factors that reduce the chances of having a baby are well known: childbirth and breastfeeding, using birth control pills, smoking. However, very often even the absence of these reasons doesn’t guarantee that you will get...


Should you worry if your nipples point inward?

Some things in life are absolutely certain: The sky is blue, Chris Evans is the best Hollywood Chris, and nipples always point outward…right? Yes, definitely, to the first two—but as for the nipples thing? Maybe not....



Look out for the following qualities in your partner only to guarantee you are on the path to successful and lasting relationship. 1.SOMEONE THAT SPOILS YOU: You can’t expect him to light candles and sprinkle...